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Flamenco is a professionalized art-form based on the various folkloric music traditions of Southern Spain in autonomous community of Andalusia, Extremadura and Murcia. In a wider sense, it refers to these musical traditions and more modern musical styles which have themselves been deeply influenced by and become blurred with the development of flamenco over the past two centuries. It includes cante, toque, dance, jaleo, handclapping and finger snapping. The Spanish word flamenco could have been a derivative of the Spanish word flama, meaning "fire" or "flame". The word flamenco may have come to be used for fiery behaviour, which could have come to be applied to the Gitano players and performers.
HOLA Amigos

It really is a passion
for the old age too
.... and a typical Spanish dance.
Who once started
can not get more of it to lett

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